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Q: I'm looking for a particular figurine and I don't know what grouping or assortment it belongs in?

A: Go to the All Items link. All the products (including Sold Out/Retired) are shown there in numerical order and the grouping or assortment they are part of is listed there too.


Q: Where can I find older figurines that are retired?

A: Like us on Facebook (follow the link on the website) and post your request there. Hopefully you'll get a quick response! Or post a note on our Comments or Requests page (along with your email address so you can be reached). Please let us know if you find what you're looking for so we can remove your post!


Q: What does LE mean?

A: LE means it is a Limited Edition. Production is limited to a specific number of figurines and these are sold worldwide. A LE of 4800 does not mean that 4800 were made (could be a lot less) but production will not exceed 4800 pieces(or whatever the LE number is).


Q: Are you open to working with new Artists? If so, how do I submit my art?

A: Yes! We are always interested in meeting new artists and considering their artwork. Just email a sampling of your work or your website URL to info@munrogifts.com. Please include a brief background about yourself and your art.


Q: Why doesn't my local gift shop sell your figurines?

A: Good question, maybe they don't know about Munro yet. :) We love referrals!


Q: When will you have new Andrew Bill dragons?

A: September 2012


Q: I'm thinking of opening an account with you, how long does it take?

A: All new accounts need to be approved through the local representative so please allow a couple of weeks. 


Q: I'm an online store, can I order from you?

A: Please call the office to discuss. 800-922-7716

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