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FGP8835 Hermatae
JG50178 Enchanted Garden
NT162 Swan Song
NT163 Lovers
NT164 Guardian
BW109 Claws
BW110 Winters Tail
NT165 Symphony of Flowers
NT166 Rhapsody of Flowers
NT167 Serenade of Flowers
NT168 Prelude of Flowers
BW111 Twelfth Knight
BW112 Red Dragon
FG885 Solityme
FG886 Teneracolor
FG887 Curafae
FG888 Allvwhisper
FG889 Shimmerfoi
FG890 Materkiss
AB20011 Aura
AB20014 Terra
AB20015 Ignis
AB20016 Aqua
NT128 Hope
NT129 Aria
NT138 Queen of Shadows
EA38918 Morrigan
EA38919 Arianrhod
EA38920 Brighid
EA38921 Cerridwen
zNT170 Severeille
zNT169 Chorus
SSJG50177 Siren
SSRB91013 Coralia
FSAB37011 Spring Queen
FSAB37012 Summer Queen
FSAB37013 Winter Queen
FSAB37014 Autumn Queen
LR35010 Autumn Morning
LR35011 Verdure Fae
LR35012 The Grump
LR35013 Gelder Rose
OB4007 Absinthe
OB4008 Aurore
OB4009 Ambre
OB4010 Amarante
GI93010 Ravens Return
GI93011 Keepers Heart
GI93012 Through You
GI93013 Black Rose
zAB37015 Goth Magenta
AB37016 Goth Purple
zAB37017 Goth Red
zAB37018 Goth Blue
AB37019 Azalea
AB37020 Datura
AB37021 Daphne
AB37022 Oleander
AB37024 Sisters Sculpted Wall Art
NT158 Misty Morning Sculpted Wall Art
NT159 Snapdragon Sculpted Wall Art
JG50152 Celestial Faery
JG50153 Winter Moon
JG50154 Dark Enchantment
JG50155 Dragoness
MM70041 Nene Thomas Innocence Purse Holder
MM70042 Nene Thomas Queen of Owls Purse Holder
MM70043 Jessica Galbreth Spread Your Wings Purse Holder
MM70044 Jessica Galbreth Winter Masquerade Purse Holder
MM70045 Amy Brown Sisters Purse Holder
MM70046 Amy Brown Hiding From Daylight Purse Holder
FGP8849 Springruse
FGP8850 Chryschill
FGP8836 Blushnour
AA921 Angel of Virtue
AA923 Angel of Encouragement
AA924 Angel of Teaching
AA925 Angel of Discovery 2009
AA926 Angel of Tranquility
AA927 Angel of Plenty
AA928 Angel of Harmony 2009
AA931 Angel of Nurture
AA932 Angel of Compassion
AA933 Angel of Peace
AA934 Angel of Love
AA935 Angel of Sacrifice
AA936 Angel of Comfort
AART9810 A Wing and a Prayer
AART98011 Beauty
AART98012 Dandelion Moon
AART98013 The Watcher
JG50150 Jewel of the Sea
CB36019 Aurora
NT146 Aquamarine
SSJG50170 Entwined
SSJG50171 Mermaid Dreams
SSCB36029 Flur
SSCB36030 Luna
EA38910 Maiden Moon
EA38913 Dragon Witch
EA38911 Celtic Witch
EA38912 Mother Earth
EA38914 Wolf Maiden
EA38915 Diana
EA38916 Hekate
EA38917 Shamaness
JCT33080 Gargoyle
JCT33081 Lily Wolf 2009
JCT33082 Arrgh
JCT33083 A Source of Mystery
JG50148 Spread Your Wings
JG50156 Imagine the Possibilities
JG50157 Believe in Your Dreams
JG50158 Reach for the Stars
zJG50159 Follow Your Dreams
JG50160 Just Believe
zJG50161 Magic Happens
JG50162 Live Your Dreams
FGH6701 Exploring
FGH6702 Sharing
FGH6703 Harmony
FGH6704 Daydreaming
FGC6857 Shadow
FGC6858 Darby
FGC6859 Midnight
FGC6860 Harmony
FGC6861 Bella
FGC6862 Finian
FGC6863 Blossom
JG50172 Serenity
JG50173 Nightfall
JG50174 Renaissance Rose
JG50175 Crimson Moon
zJG50149 Winter Masquerade
JG50151 Love Springs Eternal
JG50144 Innocence 2008
JG50147 White Magick
JG50145 Silver Moon
JG50104 Spring Enchantment
zJG50105 Summer Dreams
zJG50107 Autumn Splendor
JG50106 Winter Fantasia
RB91010 Orb Fairy
RB91011 Queen of the Wood
RB91012 Nightwing
RT98014 Enchanted
RT98015 Lilith
RT98016 Daisy
RT98017 Charmed Rose
SF32027 Small Things
SF32037 Her Special Place
SF32057 Greenman Birdfeeder
SF32060 Caelia
SF32061 Titania
SF32062 Gloriana
zSF32063 Mab
SF32064 Dragon Fae Blue
SF32065 Dragon Fae Pink
SF32066 Dragon Fae Purple
NT155 Echoes of Autumn
NT156 Direwood
NT157 Pumpkin Patch
NT143 Sapphire
NT114 Violet Melody
FR008 Perfume
FR009 Nail Polish
FR010 Lipstick
FR011 Powder
JCT33087 A Frog Once Loved a Turtle
NT152 Rhapsody in Gold Flower
NT142 Absinthe
NT144 Wisdom
NT137 Omen
NT145 Winter Wings
NT140 Spring Faery 2008
FGM8838 Dewmoon
FGM8839 Anuramoon
FGM8840 Glimmermoon
FG8825 Prismglow
FG8826 Serenagain
FG8827 Persidew
FG8828 Snugglefae
FG8829 Reveltyme
FG8830 Meadowlark
FG8814 Krystalumas Treasure Box
FG8815 Meadowshine Treasure Box
FG8816 Dewdance Treasure Box
FG8817 Moonglimmer Treasure Box
FG8818 Terramuse Treasure Box
FG8841 Springsong 2
FG8842 Berrykiss 2
FG8843 Glynnisprite 2
FG8844 Meadowshine 2
FG8845 Finaflight 2
FG8846 Tranquility 2
FGDISP1 Faerie Glen Cardboard Standup Display
FGO5801 Resin Daisy Ornament Displayer
FGO Ornament Display Hooks and Base
NT113 Orchestral Fairy Base
EA2811 Lavender Moon Journal
EA2812 Nightfall Journal
EA2813 Mystic Mermaid Journal
EA2814 Dark Queen Journal
EA2815 Devotion Journal
EA2816 Hiding From Daylight Journal
EA2817 Another Eclipse Journal
EA2818 Sisters Journal
BV301 Dark Queen
BV302 Innocence
BV303 Renaissance Rose
BV304 Nightfall
BV305 Wind Moon
BV306 Crimson Lilly
BV307 Dark Skies
BV308 Innocence
BV309 Thistle Queen
BV310 Luna Sprite
BV311 Follow Me
BV312 Sisters
FGB7808 Dewdance Bubble Rider
FGB7809 Moonglimmer Bubble Rider
JVA96022 Believe Journal
JVA96021 Emergence
JVA96023 Divine Melody Journal
JVA96024 Comfort Journal
JVA96025 Vision Journal
JVA96028 The Guardian Journal
JVA96026 Forgiveness Journal
JVA96029 Release Journal
JVA96027 Earth Angel Journal
JVA96030 Wonder Journal
VAP97021 Emergence Angel Matted Print
VAP97022 Believe Angel Matted Print
VAP97023 Divine Melody Matted Print
VAP97024 Comfort Angel Matted Print
VAP97025 Vision Angel Matted Print
VAP97026 Forgiveness Matted Print
VAP97027 Earth Angel Matted Print
VAP97028 The Guardian Matted Print
VAP97029 Release Matted Print
VAP97030 Wonder Angel Matted Print
EAP3853 The Morrigan Print
EAP3854 Vintage Rose Print
VAP97032 Believe Print
VAP97033 Divine Melody Print
VAP97034 Comfort Print
VAP97035 Vision Print
VAP97037 Earth Angel Print
VAP97036 Forgiveness Print
VAP97038 The Guardian Print
VAP97039 Release Print
VAP97040 Wonder Print
VAP97031 Emergence Print
EAP3855 Innocence Print
EAP3856 Silver Moon Print
EAP3857 Love Springs Eternal Print
EAP3858 What Dreams May Come Print
EAP3859 The Arrival of Spring Print
EAP3860 Enchanted Garden Print
EAP3861 Moonlight Masquerade Print
EAP3862 Mother Earth Print
EAP3863 The Secret Door Print
EAP3864 Winter Wood Print
EAP3865 Ancient One Print
EAP3866 The Gift Print
EAP3867 The Key Print
EAP3868 Tempest of Ice Print
EAP3869 All Hallow Eve Print
EAP3870 Rhiannon Print
EAP3835 The Morrigan Matted Print
EAP3836 Vintage Rose Matted Print
EAP3837 Innocence Matted Print
EAP3838 Silver Moon Matted Print
EAP3839 Love Springs Eternal Matted Print
EAP3840 What Dreams May Come Print
EAP3841 Arrival of Spring Matted Print
EAP3842 Enchanted Garden Matted Print
EAP3843 Moonlight Masquerade Matted Print
EAP3844 Mother Earth Matted Print
EAP3845 The Secret Door Matted Print
EAP3846 Winter Wood Matted Print
EAP3847 Ancient One Matted Print
EAP3848 The Gift Matted Print
EAP3850 The Key Matted Print
EAP3850 Tempest of Ice Matted Print
EAP3851 All Hallows Eve Matted Print
EAP3852 Rhiannon Matted Print
JG50124 Follow Your Dreams Wall Art
JG50125 Just Believe Wall Art
JG50126 Magic Happens Wall Art
JG50127 Live Your Dreams Wall Art
JG50163 Follow Your Dreams Wish Box
JG50164 Just Believe Wish Box
JG50165 Magic Happens Wish Box
JG50166 Live Your Dreams Wish Box
Goth Nouveau Prepack
ZNT1303 Fantasy Assortment
ZNT1304 Fantasy Flower Assortment Prepack
NT160 Corona
NT161 Oracle
ZSF32002 Dragon Fae Prepack
ZBV300A Beautiful Vanities Assortment Prepack
ZBV318 Beautiful Vanities Amy Brown Prepack
ZBV316 Beautiful Vanities Jessica Galbreth Only
ZBV317 Beautiful Vanities Nene Thomas Only
ZBV319 Beautiful Vanities Crystal Necklaces Only
ZBV320 Beautiful Vanities Lace Chokers Only
ZJVA96000 Vintage Angel Journal Prepack
ZVAP97000 Vintage Angel Matted Print prepack
ZVAP97001 Vintage Angel 5x7 Prints Prepack
ZEAP3804 Enchanted Art Matted Prints Prepack
ZEAP3806 Enchanted Art 5x7 Print Prepack
FGH/6702 "Sharing/Horse"
ZFGP9885 Faerie Glen Flying II Prepack
ZFGC6850 Faerie Tails Cat Prepack
ZFGH6700A Faerie Glen Horse Prepack
FG9884 Faerie Glen Ebony Assortment II Prepack
ZMM70002 Magical Moments Purseholder Prepack
ZSS654 Syrens of the Sea Licensed III Prepack
ZSS653 Syrens of the Sea Licensed II Prepack
EA2819 The Morrigan Journal
ZEA2801A Enchanted Art Journals Asst. 2
EA2820 Vintage Rose Journal
EA2821 Innocence Journal
EA2822 Silver Moon Fairy Journal
EA2823 Love Springs Eternal Journal
EA2824 What Dreams May Come Journal
ZEA2802A Enchanted Art Journals Asst. 3
EA2825 The Arrival of Spring Journal
EA2826 Enchanted Garden Journal
EA2827 Moonlight Masquerade Journal
EA2828 Mother Earth Journal
EA2829 The Secret Door Journal
EA2830 Winter Wood Journal
ZEA2803 Enchanted Art Journals 4
EA2831 Ancient One Journal
EA2832 The Gift Journal
EA2833 The Key Journal
EA2834 Tempest of Ice Journal
EA2835 All Hallows Eve Journal
EA2836 Rhiannon Journal
ZEA2804 Amy Brown Enchanted Art Journals Asst. 5
JB20100 Vansal - Julie Bell 2004
EA2837 Calliope Journal
EA2838 Celestine
EA2839 Elizabeth's Secret
EA2840 Goblin Mask Journal
EA2841 Isabeau Journal
EA2842 Lissette Journal
AB20010 Renascence - 2005
AB20012 Verbummagus (The Word Wizard) 2005
AB20017 Gaia 2007
AB20018 Thief 2007
AB20025 Panacea 2009
NT126 Always 2005
AB20020 Beserker 2008
BW105 Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger 2007
BW106 Gone With the Wind 2007
BW107 Black Beauty 2007
BW108 My Friend Flicker 2007
BW101 White Fang 2005
BW102 Drakes of Wrath 2005
BW103 Lord of the Wings 2005
SW41020 Chameleon 2006
NT122 Blue Dream 2006
NT123 Gathering Storm 2006
NT124 Purple Lace 2006
NT125 Daybreak 2006
NT119 The Gift 2006
NT120 Little Dragon 2006
NT115 Flamenco 2006
NT116 Rose Adagio 2006
NT117 Blue Nocturne 2006
HH60180 Rubyott Oricle 2004
HH60200 Alhmyhne 2004
HH60100 Primogenitus 2004
HH60170 Hatchling 2004
HH60190 Fridgida 2004
NT101 Faery of Ravens 2004
NT102 Faery of Ravens Plaque 2004
NT104 Serenity 2004
NT103 Introspection 2004
NT106 Amber 2005
NT105 Faery of Black Cats 2005
NT107 Ivy 2005
NT108 La Victime 2005
SW41010 The Garland 2005
NT109 Symphony in Black & White 2005
NT110 Rhapsody in Gold 2005
NT111 Lavender Serenade 2005
NT112 Prelude in Blue 2005
NT127 A Chance Encounter 2006
NT130 Serenity Musical Water Globe 2007
NT131 Queen of Owls 2007
NT132 Fortitude 2007
NT133 Misty Blue 2007
NT134 Rainbow 2007
NT135 Dark Skies 2007
NT136 Crimson Lilly 2007
NT139 Storm Runes 2007
NT141 Dragon Moon 2008
NT147 Serenity Wall Plaque 2009
NT148 Introspection Wall Plaque 2009
NT149 Witching Hour 2009
NT150 Halo 2009
NT151 Symphony in Black & White Flower 2009
NT153 Lavender Serenade Flower 2009
NT154 Prelude in Blue Flower 2009
NT1109 Symphony in Black & White Bubble Rider 2009
NT1110 Rhapsody in Gold Bubble Rider 2009
NT1111 Lavender Serenade Bubble Rider 2009
NT1112 Prelude in Blue Bubble Rider 2009
SW41070 Hearts Content 2007
SW41080 Field of Dreams 2007
SW41090 Revelation 2007
SW41030 Guardian 2007
SW41040 Lure 2007
SW41050 Dusk 2007
SW41060 Dawn 2007
SW41100 The Garland Water Globe 2007
JCT33017 Dawn Dancing 2007
JCT33027 Queen of Fae 2007
JCT33037 Bottom's Up 2007
JCT33047 Travelers 2007
JG50114 Leo Zodiac 2007
JG50115 Sagittarius Zodiac 2007
JG50116 Aquarius Zodiac 2007
JG50117 Virgo Zodiac 2007
JG50118 Taurus Zodiac 2008
JG50119 Cancer Zodiac 2008
JG50120 Libra Zodiac 2008
JG50121 Aries Zodiac 2009
JG50122 Gemini Zodiac 2009
JG50123 Scorpio Zodiac 2009
JG50101 Capricorn Zodiac 2005
JG50102 Pisces Zodiac 2005
JG50130 Enchanted Moon 2007
JG50131 Moon Dreaming 2007
JG50132 Lavender Moon 2007
JG50133 Gothique 2007
JG50134 Vervain 2007
JG50136 Autumn Grandeur 2007
JG50137 Dark Queen 2007
JG50138 Gothic Rose 2007
JG50139 Gypsy Rose 2007
JG50140 Jasmine 2007
JG50141 La Bella Luna 2007
JG50142 Yule Faery 2007
JG50143 Moon Flower 2008
JCT33057 How Much I Love You 2008
AB20019 Relic 2008
AB20021 Patriarch 2008
SF32017 Littlest Fairy 2007
SF32047 Shimmer 2007
RT34017 Titania 2007
RT34027 Oberon's Mistress 2007
RT34037 MidWinters Dream 2007
RT34047 Pucks Delight 2007
LB31030 Emilys Indulgence 2007
LB31040 Diamonds & Daisies 2007
LB31050 Sweet Pea 2007
LB31080 Forever 2007
LB31090 Mothers Love 2007
LB31063 Snow Queen 2009
LB31060 Lily Princess 2008
LB31061 Lucky 2008
LB31062 Magic Moonstone 2008
LB31010 Native Spirit 2008
LB31020 Balance 2008
AB20002 Deliverance 2004
AB20003 Secrets 2004
AB20004 Onslaught 2004
AB20009 Window of Wonders 2004
AB20006 Sunburst 2004
AB20005 Portal 2004
AB20007 Moonstruck 2004
AB20008 Starlight 2004
JG50109 Blue Ballerina 2006
JG50110 Mauve Ballerina 2006
JG50111 Teal Ballerina 2006
JG50112 Lavender Ballerina 2006
FGP866 Balance 2007
FGP867 Time To Fly 2007
FGP868 Hanging Out 2007
FGP851 Bedtime Story 2007
FGP859 A Touch of Color 2007
FGP858 Ready to Serve 2007
FGB7812 Terratyme Bubble Rider 2007
FG8017 Conastar 2007
FG8027 Suntyme 2007
FG80378 Mystibeat 2007
FG8047 Pennyswing 2007
FG813 Hollishimmer 2004
FG814 Vernajoy 2004
FG801 Fernwhisper 2003
FG802 Lillylotus 2003
FG803 Springsong 2003
FG804 Krystaluma 2003
FG805 Berrykiss 2003
FG806 Glynnisprite 2003
FG807 Meadowshine 2003
FG808 Dewdance 2003
FG809 Moonglimmer 2003
FG810 Shadowmyst 2003
FG811 Willowshimmer 2003
FG812 Terratyme 2003
FG818 Pearshine 2004
FG819 Seamurmer 2004
FG820 Anuradieu 2004
FG821 Rosawind 2004
FG822 Terramuse 2004
FG823 Sundream 2004
FG824 Mystiwish 2004
FG815 Chrysamour 2004
FG816 Flutterance 2004
FG817 Blossombelle 2004
TC90116 Enots 2010
AA920 Angel of Blessing 2008
AA922 Angel of Innocence 2008
FG8819 Sundreams Treasure Box 2008
FGP884 Fina Flight Large 2007
JCT33067 Queen Mother 2009
JCT33077 StarLight 2009
FGP8821 Truebelle 2008
FGP8822 Pixelpink 2008
FGP8823 Bunnytale 2008
FGP8824 Goldenglow 2008
FGP8831 Fluttercharge 2009
FGP8832 Springease 2009
FGP8833 Fernview 2009
FGP8834 Pearlhush 2009
FGP8807 Waxiglow 2008
FGP8808 Twinklewane 2008
FGP8820 Playtime 2008
FGC6751 Zoe 2007
FGC6752 Buttercup 2007
FGC6753 Annabelle 2007
FGC6754 Dutchess 2007
FGC6755 Tessa 2007
FGC6756 Mystique 2007
FGB7804 Krystaluma 2008
FGB7807 Meadowshine 2008
FGB7818 Pearlshine 2008
FGB7819 Seamurmur 2008
FGB7821 Rosawind 2008
FGB7856 Shimmergrace 2008
FGB7822 Terramuse 2007
FGB7823 Sundream 2007
FGB7853 Sundance 2007
TC90114 Erif 2010
TC90115 Retaw 2010
TC90117 Rallip 2010
FGDISP3 Metal Ornament Display
J907 Hummingbird Feeder Display
FG86066 Dream Big & Just Believe 2006
FG86166 Imagine & Just Believe 2006
FG86266 Just Keep Believing 2007
FGU6801 Playful Reflections 2006
FGU6802 Refreshing Reflections 2006
zAH/94000 "Andrew Hull Unicorn Assortment"
NT114 Violet Melody
RT98016 Daisy
FGH/6703 "Harmony/Horse"
SF32068 Keeper of Secrets
SF32067 Carry Me Home
SF32069 Sisters Love
AB37031 Key to Happiness
AB37032 Key toYour Heart
AB37033 Key to Success
AB37034 Key to Serenity
VA95011 Emergence
VA95012 Renaissance
JG/50109 Blue Ballerina / ornament
VA95013 Forgiveness
VA95014 Vision
VA95015 Comfort
VA95016 Release
LS92010 Basil
LS92011 Chamomile
LS92012 Eucalyptus
LS92013 Fennel
LS92014 Jasmine
LS92015 Thyme
SSJCT33095 Captured
SSJCT33096 Blowing Bubbles
SSSF32071 Motherhood Ornament
SSSF32072 Moon Mermaid
JG50181 Vintage Rose
JG50182 Moonlight Masquerade
zJG50183 A Secret Door
zJG50184 Winter Woods
AH94010 Fire / Infernos
AH94011 Ice / Winter Walk
AH94012 Flower / Meadow
AH94013 Rock / Nautilus
zFG8861 Frutafae
zFG8862 Fleuradew
zFG8863 Salutotyme
FG8864 Tristesprite
SP005 Summer Assortment
SP006 Summer Assortment
SP008 Big 3 Assortment
FG/8860 Faerie Glen Woodland Assortment #5
JG/50180 Jessica Galbreth Masquerade Assortment
JG/50112 "Lavender Ballerina / ornament
SP007 Big 3 Assortment
zSS/655 Syrens of the Sea Licensed Assortment #5
AB20030 Haunted Oak
zNT/114 "Viloet Melody"

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